Spills, overflows, backups, severe weather, flooding, these are the things that disasters are made of, and every homeowner dreads the thought of having to deal with them. Water can affect not only residences, but also businesses, schools, factories, offices, and any number of other structures. While the water may dry on its own, the damage left behind will not repair itself and may in fact open the doors for any number of problems to crop up later on down the road.

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The service providers at Xpert Restoration are trained and certified in rapid response for all damage scenarios, executing the removal of water and drying practices as mandated by the IICRC regulations. Addressing a water problem within 24-48 hours is absolutely vital when it comes to mitigating the damage and preventing long term problems such as mold. In some cases lack of response can mean the difference between whether or not the problem is covered by homeowners insurance.

  • The key to effective damage repair is to locate the source of the water problem and eliminate it. This may mean repairing of burst pipes, patching a leaky roof, or fixing a sewage backflow valve. Whatever the case, the initial problem must be taken care of first. This is the only way to make sure there is no more damage caused as a result.
  • Once the initial damage has been addressed, then the restoration process can begin in earnest, with the removal of all excess water, drying out of all saturated surfaces and materials, and repair to any items or parts of the structure that were damaged as a result. This involves a series of steps that need to be executed in the proper order for a successful restoration to be accomplished. Overlooking any one of those steps can mean additional headaches down the road.
  • At Xpert Restoration, we are fully able to handle any and all disasters related to water, flooding, or severe weather. We handle the complete restoration job from start to finish, no subcontracting various jobs out to the lowest bidder. You expect more for your home, and we agree. We work hard to help disaster victims avoid expensive and ongoing reconstruction by returning the property to its original clean and sound condition. Doing a quality job right the first time means that you significantly reduce your overall recovery expenses.

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When it comes to damage from water, it is important to remember that it doesn’t take a major flood or a Category 4 hurricane to cause damage to your property. In fact, most water problems are the result of a small leak that goes unnoticed over a long period of time. By the time it grows to the point where it is noticeable, you have problems. Major ones. You may be looking at swollen and stained drywall, sagging ceilings, ruined carpets, warped floors, and even dangerous issues with your home’s electrical system (since we all know electricity and water do not mix…at all). Even something as seemingly insignificant as above average humidity levels are more than enough to cause headaches, namely in the form of mold, mildew, and other potentially dangerous toxins.

The key to proper restoration is rapid response – the sooner you call, the sooner our team of experienced technicians can get to work and the sooner your water problems are a distant memory. Don’t entrust your home or business to just any water damage restoration company… go for the professionals at Xpert Restoration. We handle jobs like this every single day, and we know how to take care of your most cherished investment… your home.

High quality work, courteous service, the industry’s best customer support are what you get when you hire the professionals at Xpert Restoration. We serve the northern Ohio area with a full array of restoration services. All of our service technicians are educated, trained, and IICRC certified across all restoration equipment and procedures.

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