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Fire & Smoke Damage Emergencies

Fire is a very real threat to any home or business, for no other reason than that in so little time so much harm can be done. We’ve all turned on the news to see the devastating results of a flaming house or business, and then the question becomes, what will you do when the unthinkable becomes reality?

At Xpert Restoration, we are proud to offer a full array of fire damage restoration and repair services, all built to restore your property to its original state, as if no fire ever occurred. Our fire restore techniques and procedures are second to none, and we are committed to the highest standards for you and your family.

24/7 Fire Damage Response

At Xpert Restoration, we’re qualified to be prepared for the worst circumstances of fire and smoke damage at home and business properties, with 24-hour response. We offer full-service fire damage repair condition pre-loss in all aspects of building reconstruction, including fire damage clean-up and emergency board-ups, smoke damage clean-up, fire clean-up, smoke odor removal, tear-out & demolition, and material handling, including packaging and removing damaged items.

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Our Fire Damage Process Is As Follows:

Emergency Contact

Xpert Restoration is available 24/7/365, so when disaster strikes, you can talk to a real person. By offering rapid response and emergency service the same day, we can have a restore technician on-site within an hour. It’s imperative that you immediately deploy a professional & equipped fire damage response team to start the fire and smoke cleanup process. The faster we get going, the less likely you will be looking at long-term problems and collateral harm.

Inspection And Fire Damage Assessment

Our trained, IICRC-certified technicians will assess your Cleveland fire damage on your property and plan the appropriate course of action to handle it. Our fire damage restoration service will be presented as a free, no hassle estimate detailing exactly what needs to be done. You’ll always know what’s happening on and around your property.

Removal And Drying Of Water

Water and fire damage often intersects as water is used to fire. Not much creates a big mess like mixing ash and soot with water and foam. We must drain the water and dry everything out in preparation for further repair work. Water presence also indicates the possibility of mold and mildew within a few days. If mold is present, we also provide mold services to address this issue.

Soot And Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke odor can affect homes where the fire wasn’t even present, and soot leaves an oily residue on all surfaces it touches. Specialized cleaning and odor removal is needed to address these issues and we use only the latest state-of – the-art equipment and techniques approved by the IICRC for cleaning and restoration. Again, our goal is to make things look like never was a burn.

Fire Damage Cleanup And Repair

Both burned and scorched surfaces must be washed, disinfected, sanitized, sometimes more than once to remove all the damage done. We perform all necessary repair work. We don’t subcontract these jobs to the bidder. You wouldn’t support that as a property owner, nor do we.

Fire Restoration

The last step in the process is the property’s actual reconstruction, returning to its pre-loss state. Once we leave, you can resume your life as normal (assuming you’re normal to start with!). The industry’s most robust commitment funds all our work.

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Exceptional Service from a Team You Can Trust

High-quality work, courteous service, industry’s best customer support is what you get when you hire Xpert Restoration professionals. We provide the full range of fire and smoke restore services, using the latest tools and techniques to fight fire damage in your home. Due to the level of risk, you don’t want to entrust your property to anyone. You need someone with training, skills, and experience to handle issues like this… the pros at Xpert Restoration.Reusable Block