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Contents Cleaning

With hard work and dedication, Xpert Restoration’s professional team became experts in the restoration industry. This mentality helps us in every aspect of our restoration work, including cleaning materials. 98 percent of all property owners must deal with water damage (or mold damage) at some point in their careers, but water damage must not be a death sentence on your inventory.

At Xpert Recovery, we take property damage very seriously and do our utmost to fix and restore your valuable product back to its original pre-loss condition. Whether the water damage to your property is sudden like a flood or burst pipe or happens over time from a slow leak, the harm it can do to your interior can be severe. In any water damage scenario, the first 24-28 hours may be crucial to restoring and cleaning your possessions, and the earlier action is taken to mitigate the effects, the less potential damage will occur. At Xpert Restoration, we train our service technicians to deal with water damage safely, but also with cleaning material and emergency preparation services— because while there isn’t always much you can do to stop a flood from occurring, it never hurts to be prepared for one. Each Xpert Restoration visit starts with a free, no-obligation estimate.

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Emergency Services 24/7

If your property suffers a mishap with water damage, the damage can be severe and catastrophic. It’s important to get professional help as quickly as possible to prevent more damage and the inevitable mold problems following any water damage. Xpert Restoration service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be there for our valued customers when they need us most. If disaster strikes suddenly, preventing damage begins as quickly as possible. Following your call, the emergency vehicle of Xpert Restoration will arrive at your location in no longer than 45 minutes, carrying all the tools and equipment required for immediate action. If your business is suffering water damage, whether due to a burst pipe or outside flooding, help is important now!

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Contents Cleaning Services

When disaster strikes your business, a quick response is critical. Water damage can cause moisture increases that can encourage mold colonization in as little as 24-48 hours— that’s not much time to save your inventory from permanent damage! Xpert Restoration provides many programs to minimize any ongoing damage to your property and assets. Whether you’re dealing with severe water damage, smoke damage, or after a burn, Xpert Restoration’s professional team will help restore both the property and its contents.

Sometimes the best way to deal with property damage is to get the product out! Therefore, Xpert Restoration provides attentive package / package services. Removing material from the site can both restrict more damage due to water or smoke damage, and eliminate the risk of damage to your property during the restoration process. Every object is cataloged, carefully stored or cleaned and restored until returned. Each item is documented, location-identified and clearly labeled before removal, ensuring that your property can be restored to its pre-loss state with minimal fuss.

Unfortunately, not all contents are redeemable. In this situation, not only will the professionals at Xpert Restoration make that determination, but we can also assist in safe and environmentally friendly removal and disposal of unsalvageable materials. Any unsalvageable products will be reported and the insurance provider may be issued a comprehensive list if appropriate. During this time, Xpert Restoration’s caring team will meet with you and your insurance carrier. As leaders in the restoration industry, Xpert Restoration experts know how difficult it can be to manage property damage and failure, and we pledge to do everything we can to ensure the restoration process goes smoothly and leaves you with the results you want.

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Our Team

Each and every one of our service technicians have received extensive training through the IICRC, recognized industry leader restoration education. Not only that, they have underwent hands-on experience with all the trade tools and equipment, along with ongoing training for cutting-edge technology. Our service technicians are polite, professional and committed to all facets of our work. The attention to detail is one of many facets of customer service that holds us at the forefront of the restoration industry. Xpert Restoration has worked hard to build trust in our community and we value the service we provide to local businesses.